Canada geese

We are very fortunate to have a beautiful wheat field wrap itself around our home and garden. Last week, to my youngest son’s enormous pleasure the combine harvester was out cutting the crop. It’s a large field and takes two days to complete, this involves the boys hurtling to the bottom of the garden when the combine is close and running upstairs to hang out the top windows when it was further away. Kids blissful summer holiday freedom. This week the Canada geese have chosen the field as their B&B plus supper retreat. They start landing in batches from 7.30pm, the last arrive just before 8pm, a feast of grain spilt by the combine and then off by 6am the next morning. Where they go I’ve not a clue, I like to think they pop down to Hastings for paddle in the sea and spot of lunch, before making their way back to us.Canada geese flying inThe last batch of Canada geese to arrive, sadly they flew too fast to catch them all on cameraCanada geeseSome of our evening guests

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