Horticultural therapy

Gardening as a therapy in clients own gardens.

Horticultural therapy is a successful intervention providing wellbeing, confidence and enhanced engagement to clients.  I work with families and  professionals such as Occupational Therapists offering a programme which is individually tailored and designed to a the client’s specific needs and objectives. I regularly assess the impact achieved during the sessions and alter the horticultural therapy to address specific needs. I usually work one on one with clients in their own gardens in Kent or East Sussex. Many of my current clients are adults with a neurological disorder.

If you’re interested in finding out more please ring me (Jo Manser) on 07814 550254 or email jo@producefromthegarden.co.uk

A recent project with a client to create a raised water feature.

We wanted to build a water feature to help create calming sound and atmosphere in the garden, with a raised bed where my client can garden without bending down, the bed can also be tended when sitting in a chair. This project took approx. 6 sessions and was a perfect winter task whilst the rest of the garden was dormant. I work with clients to facilitate gardening, my intervention in gardening tasks is kept to a minimum, this helps build confidence in the clients gardening abilities and in turn provides enhanced satisfaction from the fruits of their work. The photographs below are of my client creating his new garden feature.

Moving the raised bed woodMoving the wood, to build the raised bed

building the raised bedConstructing the raised bed

he bed finally filled with soilThe bed finally filled with soil

Watering in the alpine plantsWatering in once planted and installing the solar water feature

raised water feature and alpine bedProject completedRaised water feature and alpine bedA few weeks latter and the alpines are establishing well

Watering in the alpine plantsWatering in the alpine plantsWatering in the alpine plantsSave