St Michael’s Mount Gardens

St Michael’s Mount attracts your eye wherever you are in Mounts bay, Cornwall. So it was top of the list of things to do on our family holiday. I was expecting a boat trip as the tide was in, a steep walk up to the castle and fun exploring the ramparts, but I wasn’t ready to be wowed by a garden on this windswept, sea salted island. It was a tropical paradise and we loved it, steep winding paths for boys to explore, amazing beautiful plants so well tended I can honestly say there was not a weed in sight. The Walled Gardens are a fabulous subtle and sophisticated surprise, sandwiched between the exotically planted East and West Terraces. St Michael’s Mounts Gardens have jumped right up there into my all time top ten gardens.

St Michaels MountSt Michael’s Mount

St Michael Mount garden

St Michael Mount garden

St Michael Mount garden

St Michael Mount gardenPictures of the East and West Terraces

St Michaels Mount Walled Garden 3

St Michael's Mount Walled Garden 2

St Michael's Mount Walled GardenPictures of the Walled Gardens

St Michaels Mount Geranium MaderenseGeranium Maderense, a tender perrenial which seems to thrive in West Cornwall

St Michael's Mount garden AeoniumAn enormous Aeonium (I think) growing out of a wall

Lotus BerthelotiiLotus Berthelotii, I love the firey red colour

St Michael's Mount AlliumA miniture Allium

Aloe PolyphyllaAloe Polyphylla, a geometric wonder

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