A visit to Trengwainton garden

Trengwainton garden is just outside Penzance, and was bequeathed to the National Trust in 1961. It’s a historic garden created initially by Sir Rose Price the wealthy owner of a Jamaican Sugar plantation. He bought Trengwainton in 1814 and built a walled kitchen garden to the exact dimensions of Noah’s Ark as detailed in the bible. Built in brick (an expensive alternative to stone) it retains the days heat resulting in a kitchen garden that is virtually frost free, growing tender varieties and a wide range of early vegetables.

The abolition of slavery made the sugar plantation business a less profitable concern and in 1925 the Bolitho family bought Trengwainton. Sir Edward Bolitho sponsored plant hunting expeditions to Burma and Assam returning with Britain’s first scented Rhododendrons which still bloom in the garden in late Spring.

Trengwainton lacks the manpower and budget to truly reflect its former glory, not a wow garden however there is a wow feature. Within the kitchen garden there are raised angled west facing vegetable beds, inspired resourceful constructions that capture and make the most of the sun’s rays.

A slanted kitchen garden bedThe fabulous slanted kitchen garden beds – If only I had more space!

Following are pictures of our visit.

Trengwainton Kitchen gardenTrengwainton kitchen garden

Trengwainton Humpty Dumpty Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall of the raised angled border

Trengwainton HouseTrengwainton House

Trengwainton View from the houseThe impressive view from Trengwainton House looking out to sea

Trengwainton EchiumAn Echium, these seem to grow like weeds in this part of Cornwall

Trengwainton Echium close upEchium close up, a bee magnet

Trengwainton Tree fernsTropical looking Tree Ferns

Trengwainton urnA beautiful urn

Trengwainton rhododendron

Trengwainton rhododendron

Trengwainton rhododendronTrengwainton rhododendrons

Trengwainton BambooI love this picture of bambo, it’s like my family, a little bit on the wonk!

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