The Kitchen garden in July

It’s been a great month, gorgeous weather, armfuls of cut flowers, delicious vegetables and soft fruit. I’m just going to let the pictures tell the tale this month.

The greenhouse

Tomato 'sungold'Tomato ‘Sungold’, the sweetest and best cherry tomato, ever!Tomato 'Black Krim'Tomato ‘Black Krim’ – a lovely colour, hearty flavour and my favourite beefsteak tomato Tomato 'Pomodoro'Tomato ‘Pomodoro’ – another gorgeous beefsteak tomato, growing with basilmini cucumbersMini cucumbers, my first year of growing cucumbers, a huge hit with the kidsThe green house in JulyA tomato jungle!

The Vegetable patchCourgette and pumpkin bedThe courgettes and pumpkin bed is no-where to be seen!Green courgetteGreen courgetteYellow courgetteYellow courgetteSaladCut and come again salad, a lunch time essentialRunner bean flowersRunner bean flowers, I forgot to take the picture before picking!PumpkinA pumpkin, sown from last years halloween pumpkins, I only need three, one for each child. I think we’ll end up with lots more!OnionsOnions, seed 39p from Lidl, sown direct. My best crop ever.PearsFor some reason we only got one pear last year, the tree is laden this yearBorlotti beansBorlotti beans, they’ll be left to dry and saved for winter stews

The cut flower bordersMalopeMalope, a lovely long vase life, and when the petals drop you’re left with stunning acid green budscosmos 'purity'Cosmos ‘Purity’ – my top cut flower, long stems and keeps flowering all seasonCosmos ' Rubenza'Cosmos ‘Rubenza’ – a stunning colourCalendulaCalendula – Another must have cut flowerCentaurea cyanus 'Black Ball' corn flowerCentaurea cyanus ‘Black Ball’, corn flower, unlike the blue variety this dark colour doesn’t fadeClaryClary, the pink and blue varieties are both very useful in flower arrangementsDahliaDahlia – the queens and princesses of the cut flower worldDahlia 2Dahlia, one more day and it will be perfect for cutting

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