Home grown willow obelisk

Life has been hectic the last few weeks and as a result my blog has been neglected. Over the next week I hope to update Produce from the garden with tales of Spring wedding flowers I‘ve grown and arranged, a day with a digger landscaping areas of the garden, planning a new cut flower patch in our front garden, coppicing our Hazel Cobnuts and Willow and rescuing our large trampoline from the top of a Plum tree thanks to storm Katie!

Today I’ve had a go at weaving a Willow obelisk with our coppiced Willow as a structure for Sweet Peas to clamber up. It’s not as neat as a shop bought creation, but I love its rustic uneven charm.

Willow Obelisk

I selected eight sturdy, long, straight branches and pushed them into soil in a circle. I then wove thinner Willow whips around the bottom of the eight vertical branches and another ring of woven Willow half way up the obelisk. The top branches were gathered together with a mini woven Willow wreath.

Coppiced willowThe coppiced Willow stumps will shoot in Spring providing us with new Willow whips


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