There are not many occasions when I get to happily crow about my parenting skills, but, today I have the rare opportunity. To my horror my two eldest sons started inviting their friends to a two night Halloween sleepover, with luck I got wind of these arrangements. Somewhere deep down, my maternal skills came to the fore. I successfully negotiated them down to a two hour Halloween party. This afternoon I have 30 kids daring to come to our scary ghoulish party. I still question whether it’s an entirely sensible idea, the husband tells me it will just be a big play date (you can obviously tell how many play dates he’s experienced with our boys!).

Proudly on display, at our front door are the pumpkins the boys and I grew for Halloween, I don’t think we’ll receive any carving awards but we had lots of fun making them.

Halloween pumpkins

The autumn leaves are amazing this year, the reds, yellows and oranges have been spectacular, so I thought we should have an autumnal wreath with a scary twist. I cut some willow whips which I wove into a circle, then just wired in some of the amazing leaves we have in the garden and added the odd spooky spider.Halloween autumnal wreath

Happy Halloween



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