Blackbird, Broad Beans and the Cuckoo

Just in case anyone needs to find me. I made this sign this morning from a slate our builder left behind:

Kitchen garden sign

During the week I’ve been busy moving all the plants from the nursery bed situated below the greenhouse to new herbaceous borders. I hope to start building the last three raised veg beds in their place next week. Whilst tidying up after the replanting this morning, I made several discoveries. A black bird has nested in the trunk of our Crabapple tree. This is a source of worry to me, it’s only 3 feet off the ground and quite exposed. How it’s going to survive, hatch and bring up a family of fledglings with my three noisy children and the dog who loves anything in feathers is a concern. To its credit it has chosen the prettiest spot in the garden to perch at the moment!

Black Bird NestingBlack bird nesting

Crabapple tree trunkThe crabapple tree trunk the black bird has chosen

Crabapple tree in bloomThe Crabapple tree in full bloom

The broad beans are in flower, I think they are the vegetable I most look forward to every year, a very special treat. Sadly, they are one of the few truly seasonal vegetables; you only ever get them from the garden, a farm shop or supermarket when in season. For some reason they’re not imported from Kenya all year round.

Broad Bean FlowerBroad bean flowers

My final discovery of the day was hearing the cuckoo for the first time, always a special day in the year.


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