A spring walk

Sadly our beloved dog Rolo died last month, this and the demands of the garden in April has meant I’ve not been out walking. So a walk this morning with a friend and her gorgeous retriever was a wonderful treat. Below is a flavour of our lovely morning stroll along a river and through woods and meadows.

BluebellsI might be biased but, Kent has the most beautiful bluebell woods in the world. The intense blue that radiates from the woodland floor stops me in my tracks. Sadly I’ve been unable to represent the intensity of colour in my pictures.

Bluebells 2

Bluebell closeup

Bluebells on the edge of woodlandBluebells on the edge of woodland

 Holostea (Greater Stitchwort) Holostea (Greater Stitchwort)

Lamium album (White Dead Nettle)Lamium album (White Dead Nettle)

Cardamine pratensis ( Ladies smock)Cardamine pratensis ( Ladies smock)

Meadow GrassMeadow Grass

CALTHA PALUSTRIS (Marsh Marigold)Caltha Palustris (Marsh Marigold)

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  1. So sorry to hear about Rolo, you must be devastated. We have two Italian Spinone, and I know how they get under your skin and into your heart! X

    1. Thank you. Adjusting to life without Rolo has been very hard for us all, Spinone are a very special breed. On the up side the kitchen floor has never been so clean. On the down side the floor around the dining table is revolting, I never realised how much food my messy children dropped, sadly I’m having to hoover regularly. The answer is just going to have to be a Spin puppy! Give your two slobbery mud magnets a cuddle from me. x

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