Flowers from the garden for an Easter Wedding

I’ve had great fun arranging flowers from my garden for a spring wedding. I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

Wedding flowers waiting to be arrangedFlowers picked, conditioned and grouped on my table ready for arranging  

Narcissus Bridal Crown in flower potsNarcissus Bridal Crown arranged in flower pots for the reception table

Bridal wreathA bridal Spring wreath hanging over an inglenook fireplace, weaved Willow, Catkins, Pussy Willow, Old Mans Beard, Cyclamen leaves and Hellebores

Wedding wall bowsWedding wall bows with Viburnum Opulus, Narcissus Bridal Crown, white scented Pelargoniums and white Tulips

White Wedding DaffodilWhite wedding daffodils in the nooks and crannies

Wedding flower NapkinsWedding napkins, Wallflower Bowles Mauve, Muscari, Narcissus Tete a Tete all giving colour to the tables

Wedding table with narcissus paperwhiteThe wedding tables with Narcissus Paperwhite in potsWedding tableOne of the reception tables

Wedding table close up