Blossom Binge

Snow one week, 25°c the next! The lovely warm weather has brought on the fruit tree blossom and it’s looking fabulous. You’ll see by the pictures below I’ve been on a blossom binge in the garden, there is one little surprise at the end! Most trees now have their leaves all a different shade of fresh vibrant green which is to be savoured, next month it will sadly fade to a darker uniform ‘tree green’.

Bramley apple blossomMy favourite, Bramley Apple blossom, I love the delicate pink     

Bramley Apple blosson 2A bit more Bramely Apple blossom

Conference Pear BlossomConference Pear blossom

Conference Pear Blossom 2Conference Pear blossom, it’s like confetti when it falls

Crabapple blossomCrabapple blossom, the pink blossom is offset perfectly against its burgundy leaves

Japanese Quince BlossomJapanese Quince blossom, the petals look like wax

EuphorbiaOkay, it’s not blossom! But Euphorbias do give an amazing zing at this time of year.

Grass SnakeA grass snake, basking between the artichokes and peas. They are becoming less common so we feel lucky to have one visit on a sunny day.

Plum and Crab Apple Blossom, Tomato and Tomatillo flowers

The unusually warm weather earlier in the week has really brought the garden along. Leaves are beginning to pop open on the trees and hedges showing glimpses of vibrant fresh green. Sadly the heat was too much for many of our daffodils, but to compensate our blossom is starting to flower. The plum trees are a haze of white flowers in full bloom. My favourite crab apple tree, with stunning burgundy leaves and dark pink blossom is nearly out. In the next week or so the apple trees will present their own spectacular display.

The tomatoes and tomatillos are growing fast and flowering. I have high hopes for our first crops in June.

Crab Apple blossom nearly outCrab Apple blossom nearly out.

Plum blossomPlum Blossom

Tomato FlowersTomato flowers

Tomatillo FlowerMy first Tomatillo flower

Fuji Cherry Tree

Fuji Cherry Tree

I am constantly distracted by the amazing thick and tiny blossom on our Fuji Cherry Tree (Prunus Incisa Kojo-no-mai), it is a smasher! Although not in the kitchen garden I had to sneak it into the blog. It really is the star performance in the garden at the moment. I can highly recommend this dwarf ornamental cherry, idea for small gardens and will reach at most 2m in about 20 years.