Occasion flowers

August wedding flowers

The highlight of growing your own flowers is to arrange them for a special occassion. Below are images of wedding flowers I’ve arranged.  If you have a wedding or a party you’d like decorated with flowers from my garden do get in touch to discuss ideas.

Brides bouquet dahlia cafe au lait

 Bride and Bridemaids bouquet

Dahlia Cafe au lait

August wedding flowers

Close up Bridemaids bouquet

Brides bouquet and Grooms button hole dahlia

Wedding fireplace single stem

wedding single stem flowerswedding single stem flowers

Wedding single stem dahlias

Grooms button hole dahlia edinburgh

dahlia button hole - dahlia Edinburgh

Boys wedding dahlia button holes

Wedding fire place flower arrangement

Wedding floor candleabra

wedding table flowers candleabras

wedding table flowers candleabras 2

Wedding table flowers

wedding flower close up dahlia cafe au lait