Gardening tuition – therapy

Vegetable patch

I work in conjunction with Occupational Therapists offering a gardening tuition programme which is individually tailored and designed to a the client’s specific needs and objectives. Gardening tuition on a one to one basis in a clients own garden has proven a positive and productive intervention.

Gardening is a very successful way of enhancing well being. Just popping outside to check on your plants progress and being distracted by sweet-sounding bird song, a pretty butterfly or cheeky squirrel can become a highlight of your morning. Gardening is a rewarding hobby that provides harvest for your home, a cherished interest and connecting with nature is a great source of therapy.

To become a gardener, however inexperienced, is a key to unlock doors you’d never thought or dreamed of opening. Gardening is a fabulous way to connect with people you’d not normally have reason to meet or chat with. It transcends cultural, class, gender or disability boundaries. When one gardener talks with another, whatever their ability it’s as equals, gardeners are generous people who love to share their knowledge, plants and friendship. I believe this is incredibly refreshing in today’s society.

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